For graduates and new leaders to experienced managers and executives, Acorn’s training programmes ensure your people perform to their potential.

Training for First Line and New Leaders.

Our Line Management course is suitable for newly appointed line managers and those with experience who want to improve their effectiveness. It is specifically designed to help delegates understand and engage with what a line manager is supposed to do.

Through demonstration and practice using tools and techniques, delegates gain confidence in their ability to manage others.

Participants establish a focus on the behavioural skills demanded by the role and invite self-assessment and reflection on individual capability, along with building a ‘learning set’ of people prepared to go on the journey together.

Acorn help organisations grow and succeed by accelerating the performance of executives, managers, graduates and teams

Graduate Fast Track Programmes.

Acorn have a proven track record of helping organisations create a practical framework for the development and support of emerging talent.

Our development modules orientate graduates towards the business culture, ensuring that they start to make a valuable contribution earlier in their career.

We challenge the graduate – during the programmes and afterwards – to take responsibility, to reflect on their placements and to take control of their career progression and opportunities.

Training for leadership and managing business teams by Acorn Coaching and Development.

Rising Stars Programme.

The Acorn Rising Stars Programme is useful when succession planning is required by providing the ability to identify potential leadership talent within an organisation.

The programme is aimed at personnel who demonstrate leadership potential and are either in junior managerial roles or have already been identified as future leadership material.

The major benefit is that employees are developed, but with as little time away from the business as possible.


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