Leadership shapes the performance of any organisation.

Some say that great leaders are born, but most have to learn the skills necessary to take command and influence successfully.

Acorn’s approach is to create a bespoke programme, specific to a client’s business situation, and the experience and capability of the people requiring leadership development.

We engage with them to accelerate their ability to achieve results, demystifying the leadership role to make the necessary skills accessible, relevant and achievable.

Acorn’s input can be applied at all leadership levels because it builds and expands on existing competencies, developing awareness of the skills needed to create a more rounded leader.

The toolkit for leaders to perform.

Today’s leaders must recognise the balance between actions which deal with operational issues and those required for a more abstract approach.

Acorn’s coaching equips individuals to positively influence the performance of others and develop the competence to manage change and new situations.

We appreciate that learning must be quickly applicable; it must go beyond the leader to have an impact on the business. Acorn ensure learning transfers effectively into practical business advantage, measuring the benefits and highlighting the return on investment.

Acorn's leadership approach.

  • Provides a systematic audit of your current leaders, examining their style, capability and identifying their developmental needs.
  • Raises awareness of behaviour, and its impact, and demonstrates how to be more effective in all situations, influencing a wide number of stakeholders.
  • Increases the capability of the leader to improve performance, within and across departments.
  • Enables your business to achieve greater results through promoting your people to engage and empower others vs. working harder in isolation.
  • Enhances the positive impact of your leaders by widening appreciation of who and how to influence.
  • Increases the capability of your leaders to effect change.
  • Increases the ability to be resilient.

Get in touch and discover how Acorn’s approach can improve the performance of leaders within your organisation.