Programme objectives.

A proven approach for businesses to look deep into their organisation, the Acorn Rising Stars Programme is useful when succession planning is required by providing the ability to identify potential leadership talent within an organisation.

The programme is aimed at personnel who demonstrate leadership potential and are either in junior managerial roles or have already been identified as future leadership material.

The major benefit is that employees are developed but with as little time away from the business as possible.

Training for leadership and managing business teams by Acorn Coaching and Development.

Outcomes from previous Rising Stars Programmes.

  • Significant improvement in the ability to prioritise appropriately, with the additional benefits to work-life balance – one delegate reports taking up to 75% less work home
  • Succession planning: increased ability to prioritise and delegate, resulting in increased leadership ability in direct reports
  • A fundamental shift from ‘blaming the system’ to individuals asking ‘what can I do?’
  • Confidence in leading upwards
  • Better communication with staff, resulting in increased engagement

Benefits to the individual.

Participants demonstrate an awareness of the need to set boundaries on work. Many participants in previous programmes spoke of long hours dedicated to work, either in the office or working at home or frequent weekend working.

A common cause of this was the inability to prioritise work, to delegate or be assertive.

The Rising Stars Programme increased capability, confidence, and understanding of the leadership process, with participants feeling more appreciated and clear sight of opportunities for career progression.

Benefits to the business.

The over-arching outcome is that businesses report a stronger cadre of potential leaders for the future, a group of future leaders are established who learn how to successfully delegate and use the talent within their teams in preference to problem solving themselves.

Increasing the ability to identify and prioritise activities that aid forward-planning is a tool that will benefit any young leader throughout their career.

The programme has made me think a lot more about my own development, which I probably took for granted. I am now able to effectively set development goals and measure myself against them whilst harvesting those outputs to then identify new areas to work on. It has made me much more conscious about how the perception of others affects my ability to lead.

Acorn Rising Stars Programme Participant