Leadership development and executive coaching by Acorn

Coaching for performance.

The key focus in our coaching interventions is the attainment of individual and organisational outcomes using methods which embrace contrasting philosophies and a directive approach, in which the coach brings their experience and opinion, where appropriate, to the relationship.

Our approach to Coaching.

Leading a team or organisation can be lonely, with conflicting priorities from multiple stakeholders and the need for constant reactive, strategic thinking and planning. We offer the services of a confidential, objective perspective, acting as a sounding board and ally, helping you solve complex business issues and contributing experience from 25 years of business acumen to help share the load.

Alternatively you may have a staff member who is stepping up from being a ‘technical expert’ into a position where they have to deliver through others; managing and influencing highly capable yet difficult people and teams. We assist them in making the leap to become a confident influencer, making positive decisions and being horizon focussed, decreasing the time it takes to become an effective leader.

One to one coaching can be used in many business situations and can be carried out in the workplace, at a ‘neutral’ off-site location or remotely by phone.

Additional applications.

Triumvirate coaching draws on the skills, experience, insight and support of a third stakeholder, mentor or line manager; this approach is highly beneficial in accelerating the performance of those who have recently taken on additional or more senior responsibilities, or who may be experiencing specific performance difficulties with a particular issue.

Acorn also run a 360 process, whereby feedback is attained from peers, superiors and others. This heightens self-awareness, indicating an individual’s strengths and those areas that need to be worked on, which leads to behaviour change.

We also carry out various psychometric profiling processes, which again increase self-awareness.

Acorn is experienced in the benefits and consequences of coaching and can advise on the approach that will best suit the individual and/or organisation.

Acorn also deliver effective coach training programmes to help build an organisation’s internal coaching capability. To find out more, please just get in touch.