Acorn’s consultancy improveds the performance of businesses and individuals across diverse industry sectors through a pragmatic, no-nonsense approach which delivers real organisational benefits.

Coaching for performance.

All too frequently, leaders reduce their effectiveness because they believe ‘the habits that got me here, will get me there’. Each leadership step-up requires new mindsets and habits, and Acorn’s approach questions the beliefs that both help and hinder a leader’s effective progression.

Acorn enable high-potential individuals to clarify their goals, accelerate their performance and be as effective as possible in their present role or as they step up to more senior positions within an organisation.

Leadership development and executive coaching by Acorn

Leadership development.

Leadership shapes the success and performance of a business, and Acorn’s leadership input equips your people to lead in the manner required for your business to succeed.

Acorn’s approach is to first understand a client’s business situation, and the experience and capability of the people requiring leadership development. We then engage with them to accelerate their ability to influence key others and become more ‘horizon focused’ thereby achieving results. We demystify the leadership role to make the necessary skills and behaviours applicable and achievable.

Acorn’s input reduces the time needed to create a high performing team

Team coaching.

The creation of a high performing team depends on the team defining and uniting on the direction and the leadership style required to achieve success. A team’s ability to be consistent and unified has a significant impact upon performance.

Acorn’s Team Coaching Model© has consistently proven to accelerate a team’s ability to become high performing by reducing the time it takes for the team to become a fully effective asset for your company/project.

Raising project performance.

Acorn’s project team coaching process accelerates and improves project performance, and has resulted in greater profitability within businesses.

From newly formed joint ventures to dysfunctional projects, Acorn’s project team coaching process can be flexibly applied to deliver measurable business benefits at any stage of a project – from initial bid through initiation, delivery, completion and handover.

It is never too early – or too late – to accelerate project performance.

If you’d like to find out more, get in touch and discover how Acorn’s approach can improve the performance of teams within your organisation.