Acorn take time to understand your key issues, goals, values, strengths and weaknesses to create bespoke programmes that align with your business strategy.

We understand business.

Acorn helps organisations grow and succeed by accelerating the performance of leaders, teams and individuals.

Our pragmatic, no-nonsense approach to the delivery of programmes and coaching interventions delivers real business benefits, as we engage people more effectively with learning that is retained because it is of practical benefit and immediately relevant.

We invest time in understanding your key issues – goals, values, strengths and weaknesses – along with your clients’ key requirements. Together, this means we can create truly bespoke programmes that align with your business strategy.

We build strong relationships.

We’re incredibly proud of the long-term relationships with so many of our clients, taking this as testimony to our ability to add real business value both in short term interventions and longer programmes over a number of years.

These relationships have seen many clients ‘take Acorn with them’ when taking up a new post, accompanied by positive recommendations for our work.

We help people perform at their best.

Within organisations, we enjoy working across multiple departments (from procurements and L&D to operations and project delivery) and with personnel including senior executives to shop-floor and new graduate recruits.

Over time we really get under the skin of each client and their needs, and deliver wholly relevant programmes that really make a difference to the performance of individuals, teams and projects.

We deliver on our promises.

From the outset, when your organisation engages with Acorn we shall always be:

  • Fully transparent in terms of the programme of activities, how they shall be delivered and the fees involved.
  • Completely honest, which, at times, may not be what you expect to hear and be challenging.
  • Focused on you and your organisation’s best interests.
  • Objective and a sounding board.
  • Open to feedback and be challenged ourselves.

If you’d like to find out more, get in touch and discover how Acorn’s approach can improve the performance of teams within your organisation.