Creating effective project teams.

Effective collaborative behaviour is key to the success of any project, and vital when the performance of the project is dependent upon multiple stakeholders.

Acorn’s project team coaching process accelerates and improves project performance, and has resulted in greater profitability within businesses.

From newly formed joint ventures to complex projects running off track, Acorn’s project team coaching process can be flexibly applied to deliver measurable business benefits at any stage of a project – from initial bid through initiation, delivery and completion.

It is never too early – or too late – to accelerate performance.

Acorn Project Lifecycle Model

Bid winning

  • Align bid partners
  • Client and bid Co alignment
  • Scoping team size and management requirement
  • Define bid winning strategies
  • Bid leadership


  • Stakeholder management
  • Bid handover effectiveness
  • Process agreement
  • Communication
  • Utilisation of best practice
  • Leadership/Empower
  • Resource planning


  • Alignment – delivering on promise
  • Aligning vision and values
  • KPIs and measurements
  • People engagement
  • Working agreement
  • Process alignment
  • Team structure and communication
  • ‘Right first time’
  • Creating a safety culture

Close hand-over

  • Learning and best practice reviews
  • Personal development reviews
  • Celebration of success
  • Client satisfaction/perception
  • Owning transference of best practice

Building future capability

  • Owning the Application of the Learning
  • Ensuring the Learning is Transferred into the Project Lifecycle

Benefits of project team coaching:

  • Accurate transfer of project specification, from bid winning team to the senior team delivering the project.


  • More accuracy in meeting client and stakeholder expectations by understanding and managing all critical success factors.


  • Clear lines of communication and enhanced relationships within the project and with the customer.


  • Clear project vision, strategy and systems established to positively influence staff as they come onto the project during the various stages.

Acorn accelerate project performance through:

  • Increased likelihood of meeting project time, quality and cost requirements by speeding up the efficiency of dialogue and problem solving.


  • Managing pace and consistency on the project, helping with the adherence to systems and procedures, increasing adherence to safety policies and minimising the occurrence of defects in the working environment.


  • The creation of a collaborative culture from the start.

Raising project performance in action:

  • Bid Winning: aligning bid partners; client and bid co-alignment; scoping team size and management requirement; define bid wining strategies; bid leadership.


  • Initiation: stakeholder management; bid handover effectiveness; process agreement; communication; utilisation of best practice; leadership/empowerment; resource planning.


  • Delivery: alignment – delivering on promise; aligning vision and values; KPIs and measurements; people engagement; working agreement; process alignment; team structure and communication; ‘right first time’; creating a safety culture.


  • Handover: learning and best practice reviews; personal development reviews; celebration of success; client satisfaction/perception; owning transference of best practice.


  • Building Future Capability: Owning the application of the learning, Ensuring the learning is transferred into the project lifecycle.

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