Leadership development and executive coaching by Acorn

Coaching for performance.

Change – technological, social, political or competitive – is dynamic and organisations need to respond and adapt to shifting business situations. Successful change, whether reactive or proactive, means people need to do things differently.

Acorn enable high-potential individuals to clarify their goals, accelerate their performance and be as effective as possible as they step-up to more senior positions within an organisation.

New leaders. New approach.

All too frequently, leaders reduce their effectiveness because they believe ‘the habits that got me here, will get me there’. Each leadership step-up requires new mindsets and habits, and Acorn’s approach questions the beliefs that both help and hinder a leader’s effective progression.

Acorn’s coaching approach results in genuine, sustained behavioural change. Clear goals, aligned with business strategy, are established as a result of greater personal effectiveness and stronger problem-solving skills.

The increased self-awareness results in better and more confident decision-making, outputs bringing tangible benefit to both the individual and the organisation.

Triumvirate coaching.

Drawing on the skills, experience, insight and support of a third stakeholder, mentor or line manager, this approach is highly beneficial in accelerating the performance of those who have recently taken on additional or more senior responsibilities, or who may be experiencing specific performance difficulties with a particular issue.

One-to-one coaching can be conducted in the workplace, at a ‘neutral’ off-site location or remotely by phone.

Acorn is experienced in the benefits and consequences of each approach and can advise on the which may be most effective for the participant and organisation.

Acorn also deliver effective coach training programmes to help build an organisation’s internal coaching capability. To find out more, please just get in touch.