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Leadership Development

“Organizations need leaders, but natural leaders are at least as rare as natural athletes. And, even natural athletes need careful training and development - given that almost everyone is capable of developing some degree of athletic potential. Similarly, the right training and development program can help almost anyone cultivate some degree of leadership potential. In fact, it can help a few people develop extraordinary leadership abilities. Ignoring leadership development is foolish, but at many companies, short-term priorities eclipse the long-term thinking needed to develop a good leadership pipeline.” *

Leadership shapes the success and performance of a business, and Acorn's leadership input equips your people to lead in the manner required for your business to succeed.

Acorn's approach is to first understand a client’s business situation, and the experience and capability of the people requiring leadership development. We then engage with them to accelerate their ability to achieve results, demystifying the leadership role to make the necessary skills accessible, relevant and achievable.

Acorn’s input can be applied at all leadership levels because it builds and expands on existing competencies, developing awareness of the skills needed to create a more rounded leader. Through the use of a 360° feedback tool and Leadership Action Checklist Model we look at present levels of competence; and identify aspirations, targets and the routes to achieve them, developing and engaging your people and ensuring that learning is retained, is practical and is immediately relevant.


Our Leadership development inputs range from 5-day programmes and modular programmes, through to on-site workshops and on-site coaching.

Why do I need it?

Some say that great leaders are born, but most have to learn the skills necessary to take command and influence successfully. Leadership can be developed as a business skill. One of the most important requirements for today’s leaders is recognising the balance needed between actions which deal with operational issues, and those required by more abstract challenges, such as equipping individuals to positively influence the performance of others, or developing competence to manage change and new situations.

Learning must be quickly applicable, and must go beyond the leader to have an impact on the business. Acorn ensures learning transfers effectively into practical business advantage, measuring the benefits and highlighting the return on investment.

The 360˚ Feedback Tool

We use a 360˚ feedback process to gather information regarding the experiences and perceptions of others of the client's strengths as a leader. These professional, externally-administered questionnaires are designed individually to draw information on specific areas of performance identified by the client and manager, as well as general leadership abilities. They generate essential data that is used alongside other information to build a picture of current ability and identify developmental priorities.

Benefits of Leadership Coaching

Acorn's Leadership approach:

  • Provides a systematic audit of your current leaders, examining their style, capability and identifying their developmental needs
  • Raises awareness of behaviour, and its impact, and demonstrates how to be more effective in all situations
  • Increases the capability of the leader to improve performance, within and across departments
  • Enables your business to achieve greater results through promoting your people to engage and empower others vs. working harder in isolation
  • Enhances the positive impact of your leaders by widening appreciation of who and how to influence
  • Increases the capability of your leaders to effect change

Leadership Coaching in Action

Shaping the organisation: building and reviewing the strategy, structure, systems and processes.

Managing performance: ‘Doing it’; keeping it all going, monitoring and reviewing, dealing with daily issues.

Doing the 'day to day': Clarifying expectations, highlighting good performance, managing poor performance, connecting day to day experience to performance.

Influencing: Opening doors, maximising networks and removing barriers by using hierarchical influence.

Emotional intelligence: Awareness of self and others, managing yourself and your relationships, enabling others to do the same.

Instilling the purpose: Ensuring that everyone has a clear understanding of what we are doing and why.

* Charan, R., Drotter, S. et al (2000) The Leadership Pipeline: How to Build the Leadership-Powered Company. San Francisco, Jossey-Bass

Leadership Coaching

Acorn's approach is to gain an understanding of the business situation, experience and capability of the people requiring leadership development and accelerate their ability to achieve results through engaging people. We demystify the role of leaders, making the subject pertinent and accessible to all.

Team Coaching

Acorn's Team Coaching Model© distils accepted theories and studies on high-performing business teams into a formula which is tailored to your business needs using coaching tools.
Team Coaching accelerates team effectiveness.

Project Coaching

Project directors are fully aware of the importance of initiating effective collaborative behaviour on any project but never more so when the performance of the project is dependant upon multiple stakeholders. Acorn has developed a Project Team Coaching process which can be flexibly applied to a range of projects from bid stage to initiation, through to close.

Graduate Development
A2b module thumb

Acorn's Graduate / Apprentice Development modules guide new talent through the process of transition from university life, integrating into the team and accelerating their performance and contribution to the business.