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Fast Track Graduate and Apprentice Development

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Developing a New Generation

A2B, Acorn's dedicated new talent development division, provides comprehensive fast track, graduate and apprentice development programmes.

We have a proven track record of helping organisations create a practical framework for the development and support of emerging talent. Our supportive, no-nonsense approach allow young employees to develop the confidence to take ownership of their personal development and maximise their potential.

At the same time, we acknowledge that inspirational management is a key factor in graduate retention. Our programmes include a range of coaching and management skills to help line managers get the best from new recruits.

Acorn's new talent development modules accelerate the integration and professional competence of your graduate, apprentice and fast-track employees to provide real business benefits.

Making the transition from education to work is a process in which many first time employees stumble. Acorn guides new talent through the transitional period, integrating them into the team and accelerating their performance and contribution to the business.

Our development modules orientate graduates towards the business culture, ensuring that they start to make a valuable contribution earlier in their career. We challenge the graduate, during the programmes and afterwards, to take responsibility; to reflect on their placements and to take control of their career progression and opportunities. Additional modules provide further development which fast track the graduate's competence and potential.

Why do I need it?

No business can afford to squander the investment involved in bringing new talent into the business. Acorn’s programmes draw on 20 years of experience to focus on key areas that will deliver maximum benefit for your business:

  • Attracting the best talent: by offering top quality graduate development programmes
  • Retaining superior graduates: by offering advanced developmental experiences
  • Aligning new employees to your business vision: displaying values and behaviours to make them successful
  • Performing: Developing business skills which enable graduates to deliver speedy returns on your investment
  • Progressing: Promoting them to further progress towards the latter stages of the programme, taking personal responsibility for their career.

More than one delegate from Acorn's emerging talent programmes has gone on to achieve high level success. A previous attendee of a High Flyer's programme has continued his relationship with Acorn as his career progressed to international levels, drawing on us for ongoing support with personal coaching, senior team coaching and the performance of his international teams.

Benefits of New Talent Development and Coaching

As a result of Acorn's emerging talent development programme you can typically expect the following business benefits:

  • Talent attraction and retention
  • Graduates' leadership behaviours and capabilities are developed and enhanced
  • More graduates moving into senior roles, faster
  • Graduates who make a significant contribution to business return and business objectives
  • Graduates who have a contact and influencing network across the business
  • Graduates who take greater responsibility for their own development and career progression
  • Graduates who feel valued as a result of investment in their personal development and career

Leadership Coaching

Acorn's approach is to gain an understanding of the business situation, experience and capability of the people requiring leadership development and accelerate their ability to achieve results through engaging people. We demystify the role of leaders, making the subject pertinent and accessible to all.

Team Coaching

Acorn's Team Coaching Model© distils accepted theories and studies on high-performing business teams into a formula which is tailored to your business needs using coaching tools.
Team Coaching accelerates team effectiveness.

Project Coaching

Project directors are fully aware of the importance of initiating effective collaborative behaviour on any project but never more so when the performance of the project is dependant upon multiple stakeholders. Acorn has developed a Project Team Coaching process which can be flexibly applied to a range of projects from bid stage to initiation, through to close.

Graduate Development
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Acorn's Graduate / Apprentice Development modules guide new talent through the process of transition from university life, integrating into the team and accelerating their performance and contribution to the business.