Acorn Coaching and Development

Improving business performance

What We Do - Leadership Coaching and Team Development to Increase Organisational Effectiveness

  • Improving performance of leaders and teams through coaching and development

Acorn helps organisations to grow and succeed through accelerating the performance of leaders, teams and individuals.

Our pragmatic, no-nonsense approach to the delivery of programmes and coaching interventions delivers real business benefits as we engage people more effectively, and learning is retained because it is of practical benefit and immediately relevant.

At Acorn, we take time to understand your key issues - your goals, values, strengths and weaknesses - and your clients' key requirements. That means we can create truly bespoke programmes that align with your business strategy.

The fact that we maintain long-term relationships with our clients is testimony to our ability to add real business value.

Leadership Coaching

Acorn's approach is to gain an understanding of the business situation, experience and capability of the people requiring leadership development and accelerate their ability to achieve results through engaging people. We demystify the role of leaders, making the subject pertinent and accessible to all.

Team Coaching

Acorn's Team Coaching ModelĀ© distils accepted theories and studies on high-performing business teams into a formula which is tailored to your business needs using coaching tools.
Team Coaching accelerates team effectiveness.

Project Coaching

Project directors are fully aware of the importance of initiating effective collaborative behaviour on any project but never more so when the performance of the project is dependant upon multiple stakeholders. Acorn has developed a Project Team Coaching process which can be flexibly applied to a range of projects from bid stage to initiation, through to close.

Graduate Development
A2b module thumb

Acorn's Graduate / Apprentice Development modules guide new talent through the process of transition from university life, integrating into the team and accelerating their performance and contribution to the business.