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Skanska : Developing a Winning Team to Deliver Winning Results

Skanska, one of the UK’s leading construction and development businesses, has recently called on the expertise of Acorn to assist them in the development of a new team with responsibility for the company’s submissions and bid support. The newly formed submissions team is part of the organisations UK-wide preconstruction function.

Skanska’s UK construction business is made up of 10 individual operating units, which include civil engineering, building, mechanical and electrical services and a wide range of specialist activities, such as piling and foundations, facilities management, utilities and infrastructure services. 

Traditionally, each unit has been independently responsible for the development and production of pre-qualifications and bid submissions. However, over recent years the company has been developing One Skanska solutions to share the various skills and experience from across the organisation, which also includes pre-construction activities.

In September last year, Annika Tavander joined the company as head of submissions. Since this time she has been looking at how to best apply the One Skanska approach to submissions to serve the company as a whole, whilst at the same time continuing to meet the needs of the individual operating units.

Annika explains  “We wanted to develop a collaborative approach to work winning. Skanska has a number of people who are located across the country working with submissions, who have much knowledge, skills and experience. By coming together as a team, sharing best practice and further developing our skills together, we can improve the way we work and the quality of the end products – our submissions.

As a first step, Acorn interviewed all the submissions team members and a number of internal stakeholders, senior management and heads of pre-construction to discuss what the requirements for the business were on an individual basis, and how this could be maximised though the One Skanska approach.

A two day workshop, facilitated by Acorn, was attended by the team members. Because of the geographical locations and multiple discipline nature of Skanska’s business many of the people - around 15 - had not met each other before. 

The group session enabled us to bring everyone together, explore the objectives and aspirations of the One Skanska approach to bidding, but most importantly everyone had the opportunity to network and begin to think like one team. This approach has proved very powerful for creating a foundation for us to build upon.”

Published: 5 Dec 2012

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