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High Speed 2 takes a u-turn on JVs

As hopeful contractors enter the bidding war for HS2’s multi billion pound programme in the first round of PQQs, Commercial Director Beth West took a u-turn on JVs in an interview with Construction News.

  • Hs2 u turn

Ms West had previously spoken out against JVs, saying that they were ‘not particularly helpful’. However, in a recent interview she acknowledged that the way JVs collaborated could be crucial in winning work.

Supporting our own theory that a preparedness and ability to work in a genuinely collaborative way is increasingly essential to winning work, the subject came up a second time, as the bidding process also calls for an ability to work with other contractors to support overall project performance rather than in ‘splendid isolation’. In fact HS2 are adopting a ‘programme gain pool’ in which bonuses for early and under-budget delivery will be shared around, mirroring Highways England’s own policy on the subject.

Bids will additionally be assessed on previous experience, with a demonstrable ability to learn from past mistakes. There will also be a heavy weighting on technical capability over price.

Construction News subscribers can read the entire interview here.

Published: 20 Oct 2015

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