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Experience is everything!

Tendering for projects or to become part of a supply framework can be a lengthy and daunting process. The time involved can be considerable with no guarantee of new business or contracts. Here we offer some guidance to help when compiling your next bid to help ensure your pitch hits the mark.

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LeadershipNew Talent Acorn - Engaging Employees

How to Engage Employees in a Sustainable Way

Faster, better, more of it! Clients frequently tell us they are under increasing pressure to do more with less; to deliver increasing productivity with ever diminishing resources. In this article we share current key challenges and issues to consider and offer some practical steps you can take to enable your business to succeed through tough times.

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Acorn’s Tips for Being More ‘Mindful’ at Work

In the current recession with downsizing, restructuring, global competition and technological advances we find ourselves busier than ever. We respond to increasing and changing work demands by multi-tasking and working longer hours. Over time this impacts adversely on our well-being: as we become more stressed we become less productive; our performance deteriorates and we may even burn-out.

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CoachingTeams Acorn - Teach Coaching Team Building

Team Coaching, not Team Building

Team building has been a lucrative offering for training companies for decades. Any product manager knows that as a product moves through its lifecycle maximising profit depends on adjusting the marketing mix; so does this mean that ‘team coaching’, a term that is being increasingly used, is merely team building in new clothes?

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Why Personal Coaching Pays

Over the past two decades, Acorn has provided coaching support internationally to wide-ranging industries and organisations, from construction to media, pharmaceutical to nuclear. Each industry and each individual organisation faces its own set of unique challenges, and coaches offer higher value to clients when they are aware of the impact of these challenges.

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Ten Things to Know about the Art of Collaboration

The Cambridge Dictionary defines collaboration as ‘the situation of two or more people working together to create or achieve the same thing’. In this feature we discuss what collaboration means in terms of output – rather than process – and offer ten things we consider useful to hold in mind when creating any collaboration.

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ChallengesNew Talent

What will the major challenges be in 2028?

When most of the current management generation graduated, they were courted by their potential employers during a traditional university ‘milkround’, attending a series of interviews and assessments with a few well-chosen organisations, before finally accepting the best offer. Technology has already transformed how we work in 2018, but the differences will be far more stark by 2028.

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