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Maplin take on Acorn approach

Maplin Electronics is one of the UK's biggest retailers of electronic equipment, operating through a massive mail order business and a network of stores. A key part of the company's meteoric growth over the past few years is the strength of its leadership and management teams.

Maplin is probably best known for the high visibility of its retail stores in many high streets up and down the UK. However, underpinning the success of the consumer business is a thriving B2B division that distributes Maplin products through third party outlets around the world.

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Following a recommendation from successful projects with RS Electronics, Acorn was asked to design a programme of coaching and training to develop the senior leadership team including the regional B2B sales managers. 

The goal of the programme was to improve business performance and create a culture of collaborative working across all divisions of the rapidly growing organisation.


Acorn designed a no-nonsense, sales focused programme to equip key personnel with new skills and knowledge that would continue to add value to the business immediately and in the longer term.

Three stage programme:

  • Executive Leadership Team Development: A series of events designed to gain senior management 'buy-into' developing a team ethos and the application of an agreed code of conduct

  • Executive Leadership Coaching: Developing the coaching skills of key personnel to enable them to drive Maplin's new initiatives throughout the organisation

  • Regional Sales Team Coaching: Developing the coaching skills of the people who would introduce Maplin's new initiatives into the workplace


The implementation of Acorn’s extensive management and leadership programmes led to:

  • Improved performance, through a commitment to training and development, which contributed to record growth and expansion

  • Senior staff became engaged in a more open management style that led to a culture of collaborative working and continuous improvement

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