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1:1 Coaching accelerates New Manager Performance within Lexia

Lexia Solutions Group is one of the UK's leading companies in environmental, health and safety and risk management services. Working out of a network of offices across the UK, they employ around 500 people across three main businesses:

• Rhodar Ltd: asbestos removal and abatement

• Thermac (Hire) Ltd: equipment and consumables for the asbestos and general construction industry

• Bagnall UK Ltd: demolition and asbestos removal services

Working independently and in joint ventures, Lexia has considerable experience of working with blue-chip clients from across all sectors of UK industry in both the public and private sectors.

As Bid Manager Kirsty Sharpe moved into her first team management position, she approached Acorn to support her in developing the additional skills required to fulfill the new role.

  • Demolition-building


Kirsty had previously acted within Lexia as a successful project manager dealing with clients and other stakeholders. Moving into her first team management role, and called upon to deal with additional issues such as directing and motivating others, developing people, and identifying training requirements, she wanted to develop a strong base of additional management skills as quickly as possible.

Kirsty asked Acorn Coaching to deliver new manager training, to provide her with suitable guidance and a toolkit for managing a team for the first time.


Acorn delivered four coaching sessions for Kirsty over a four-month period, each with a specific focus guided by her emerging issues and concerns. This format allowed Kirsty to reflect upon and implement learning gained during each session.


Kirsty used the tools, coaching and guidance gained to become more strongly assertive and to step up from being 'one of' the team to being the 'manager' of the team. By the end of the four sessions Kirsty was performing confidently as a team manager who was commanding respect from her team members and peers.

During the sessions Kirsty discussed with Acorn the type of manager she would like to become and the methods she could use in order to achieve this. "This was a new concept to me but talking through the process with Acorn made the transition easy", Kirsty said.

"The coaching intervention enabled me to quickly learn how to manage a team of people, allowing me to focus on the task at hand; managing the bid process and all tender submissions for Lexia Solutions Group.

The approach of having multiple sessions over a longer period of time rather than a 2-day intense course was far more beneficial for reflective learning. This is an approach that Acorn devised for me and their method of delivery was flexible, meeting my requirements at every step."

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Lexia Solutions Group

"Having multiple sessions over a longer period of time rather than a 2-day course was far more beneficial for reflective learning"

Kirsty Sharpe, Bid Manager, Lexia Solutions Group