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Lend Lease is one of the world’s leading fully integrated property and infrastructure solutions providers, whose capabilities range from asset and property management, development, infrastructure development, investment management to project management and construction.

They are engaged in major projects around the globe and offer a range of innovative and industry-leading project management, construction and design services, combining global experience with local knowledge to deliver high quality, sustainable projects that underpin strong, lasting partnerships with clients from governments to blue chip companies.

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The business has undergone significant change over the last two years and there was a concern that there had been a loss of strategic focus due to the pressures on the business.

Acorn Coaching and Development was asked by Simon Hipperson, Chief Executive Officer of the Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) region to assist his senior team with activity to refocus their efforts on a new vision for the business, and create a new leadership style. Acorn has previously worked with Simon at Amey, Skanska and Carillion.

Lend Lease envisions a new model of working which looks at every project through the prism of People, Planet and Profit, an approach particularly suited to the group’s unique end-to-end business scope of Ownership, Development and Delivery.

The business will examine:

  • People – how actions actually benefit people;
  • Planet – how actions reduce the stress on the environment;
  • Profit – how actions create more value for Lend Lease.


Working with 8 members of the management team embracing the construction, development and financial elements of Lend Lease EMEA, Acorn director Keith Longney facilitated a team coaching session designed to create the collective mind set to move forward.

By openly discussing expectations and challenges of the forthcoming year, the team defined an integrated vision, working closely together to achieve the business aim. Particular attention was devoted to conversations defining the purpose and focus of the integrated team. Facilitated discussion created the forum for the team and Simon to exchange expectations.

In order to further identify how the team is to achieve an integrated approach, a team charter was created, defined around the Lend Lease five core values of respect, integrity, innovation, collaboration, excellence and trust.

In order to further accelerate the team ethos, Keith created an environment where each team member provided feedback directly to their peers. Towards the latter part of the session, the team and each individual defined key actions to ensure the integrated behaviour discussed or aspired to was directly transferred to the workplace.


The team emerged from the activity with absolute clarity about their roles, behaviours, priorities, and expectations in terms of the leadership they expected to see and the leadership they were expected to demonstrate on a day-to-day basis.

In particular they all expressed a commitment to ensuring senior management meetings will be more ‘horizon focused’, looking at strategic issues to replicate their new focus as a management team.

As a consequence, further work is planned to assist UK Lend Lease Group on two of their most prestigious projects: the Elephant and Castle Regeneration Scheme to transform a run-down area with 2,500 new homes, plus office, retail, community, leisure and restaurant space, and The International Quarter, a new £2bn commercial district at Stratford City in the Olympic Park which will include 350 new homes.

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"The team emerged with absolute clarity about its roles, priorities, behaviours and expectations"

Simon Hipperson, CEO (EMEA)