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Aker Solutions

Aker Solutions: A Single Corporate Culture, Single Leadership Tools and a Common Language.

Acorn worked with Aker Solutions following their acquisition of Trafalgar House and subsequent reorganisation.

Aker Solutions has a turnover of NOK 6.5 billion (circa £6 billion) and 26,500 employees and Acorn worked with the board and senior management team to form a single corporate culture, common leadership behaviours and language, and common processes from very dominant corporate cultures from the USA, France and the UK.

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There were a number of issues within operations and business development:

  • Different plants simply refused to adopt new operating procedures, even though they were demonstrably better, simply because they were not French.
  • Different plants were competing with each other by bidding for the same work.
  • Confusion within the customer base as to the purpose and function of merged units.
  • A confused strategy combined with different business cultures and business languages (English, American English, and French English).


Acorn delivered a variety of interventions:

  • Coaching of the executive board using Acorn's Team Coaching Model™
  • One to one coaching of the CEO
  • Cultural Integration
  • Behavioural Leadership


Delivery was carried out throughout the USA, UK and France to a deliberate mix of operational leaders from the merged companies, creating a single corporate culture, a single set of leadership tools and an agreement on a common language used throughout the business.

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